About the GLIK GROUP

Freight forwarders have very quickly become one of the most important pieces of the supply chain process in this globalized world.

With cargo moving all over the world, customers require reliable, professional and specialized companies to handle their goods.

The GLIK GROUP of Networks was formed as an umbrella for our current networks. Each one different from the other, with different members and profiles, our members are obliged to always provide the very best service, to apply their knowledge and expertise of their markets.

All companies within the group have a professional, dynamic and independent understanding of the requirements of the customer, the ability to be able to provide comprehensive and competitive logistic solutions in all major markets worldwide.

..."Local knowledge with a professional global coverage"...

What we offer

With the creation of the GLIK Group, we are sure we will introduce several distinctive benefits to the members of all of our networks.

Starting on 2016 the members of all our networks will have a great chance to attend a massive meeting. All the delegates from our networks will attend a four days meeting, with members from all corners of the world, discussing, exploring and developing business opportunities.
Each network will have a members committee which will manage any case or claim from the members. To assure the absolute independence of this committee, they will not act within their own network, but will represent a committee from another of our networks.
The non-exclusive but limited membership will offer our members and even higher coverage, with opportunities to generate and expand their business. We promote healthy, honest collaboration between our members.

Our Skills

The GLIK GROUP is the umbrella that shelters currently three of our networks, The World Freight Organisation, The International Air & Sea Freight Network, and The 7 Seas Freight Network.

When the first of our networks was formed, we had an idea that has become a reality, to build a reliable network with members working side by side. Companies with the same aim, to grow in this market, to provide their customers with the best service always.

..."Immediate access to a global network of business partners who will work with you"...