Our networks

The World Freight Organisation (WFO), it is an independent freight forwarders network settled on November of 2007 focused on professional, medium sized companies, locally owned and focused on building a long term strategic partnerships within the network.

..."Find the best and most reliable partners worldwide, in order to offer your customers the best possible service in this competitive market"...

After almost nine years, the World Freight Organisation changed from being an exclusive network and is being transformed into a semi exclusive network. This will mean that we will limit the membership, dependent on the size of the territory. With a maximum of four members per country. To reiterate, this will be dependent on the territory size. The exceptions will be in countries like China, United States of America where the maximum number of members will be four.

Annually the World Freight Organisation hold an Annual General Meeting, so there is no need for travelling to dozens of countries and cities to meet your partners. Simply, you can meet all of them at the same time in the same place.